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Welcome to EACgo.com website.

EACgo website just open to public in December 2017, it is a ideal marketplace for exhibitor and stand suppliers.
More than 100 countries, 1000 cities and 10000 stand suppliers will list on our website soon.
No matter where is your show will come, Eacgo can always help.

If you are a exhibitor, What are the benefits from this site?

1. When you participate a overseas exhibition, it is hard to find local supplier,
through our website, you can connect with many local suppliers, easy and fast;
2. When you post your stands requirement, you will got 5 local supplier’s design and quote directly;
3. Without middle cost, no commission, no register fee, all is free. Help you save up to 40% cost;
4. Deal with our verified stand suppliers, you no longer have to worry about being cheated;

If you are a stand supplier, What are the benefits from this site?

1. You can free list your company information on website, worldwide exhibitor will see your company;
2. Direct deal with customer, no commission, no register fee, help you got more potential customers and orders;
3. To be our verified stand supplier, get more exposure opportunities, more customers will hire you.

Website still under test and improving, if you meet any problem,
Please feel free sent your feedback to: info@eacgo.com

Thank you.


EACgo team
Dec 01 2017